Scalp Micropigmentation In India

SMP is a medical grade application technique of depositing pigment(color) into the deep layer of the epidermis skin on the scalp.

About Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micro pigmentation for thinning hair is an extremely popular method of covering the bald area in India because it has no side effects , as long as you use the smp ink and get it done from a highly trained expert in scalp micro pigmentation in India.  This technique is not to grow your hair but just make it look, as if your hair is growing. This will not make your hair better or worse. 
We are trained by international academies specifically in Scalp Micro pigmentation. In India, we are one of the few to use Carbon based inks which are meant for the scalp. We understand Indian skin and have designed
– No Scar / No pain– Needs touch up after 2 years
– 100% Safe– Doesn’t make your hair grow.
– Results within a month– 
– Makes the scalp look fuller– 

Why choose
American Hairline?

  1. Specialised in Scalp micropigmentation.
  2. Only Indian to get certified in this skill 5 times.
  3. We use only carbon based ink.( premium SMP ink manufactured in USA. Name : Scalp elite ) .
  4. We do not use tattoo ink .
  5. We use 3rl and 1rl needles which are idle for SMP.
  6. Use USA manufactured SMP  machine CHEYENNE.
  7. We have done more 6500+ SMP clients  in India including Bollywood celebrities.
  8. We specialise in Hairline shape and the size of the dots created around the hairline.
  9. Only institution in India who trains Dermatologists , being specialised in this field .
  10. We provide , dedicated list of Do’s and Don’ts before and after the session.
Scalp Micro Pigmentation for crown area

Scalp Micropigmentation
For Crown Area

  • Most men start loosing hair from the crown area making the crown area look thinner.
  • By depositing pigments ( creating tiny dots ) in the crown area , the visibility of the scalp is reduced and looks darker and fuller, giving an illusion of hair in the crown area.
  • This will not affect existing hair because dots are created at a superficial level and not deep inside the skin. Besides, it is done in areas where you have already lost hair.
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SMP For Scar Treatment & Hair Transplant

  • Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent option to cover the scars like transplant scars or any scars due to any surgery.
  • Tiny dots are created in the scar area to give an illusion of hair growing out.
  • In transplant scars, whether its FUT scar or FUE scar, SMP is extremely successful in covering the scar and make it look fuller.
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Scalp Micropigmentation
For Alopecia

  • In alopecia there could be 2 cases :

    A. Few patches on the head with hair loss
    B. Overall hair loss ( more than 60 % ) due to alopecia

    • Few patches on the head :
      In such cases , tiny dots can be created in those patches to reduce the visibility of the scalp, we advice keeping the hair a bit longer because though SMP has covered the area, it will look more natural if it blends with your existing hair.
    • Overall hair loss( more than 60 % ) due to alopecia
      In such cases, its advisable to keep your hair very short ( clappered hair cut ) which means keeping the hair as short as 3 days beard growth, and then deposit the pigments in the alopecia areas and make it blend with your natural hair density.
      By creating dots all over the scalp, it will give the illusion of head full of hair.
      By strongly suggest keep the hairline receding and not change the shape of the hairline.
      The dots created in the hairline area should be uneven and very very thin which makes it look natural.

Scalp Micropigmentation
For Front Hairline

  • Many a times the front hairline starts looking thin and the scalp is visible from the front. Depositing pigments in the area is an excellent option which make the hairline area look fuller.
  • By creating micro dots in an uneven pattern, the visibility of the scalp reduces.
  • In some cases, the hair is transplanted in the front but the density is very low. In such cases, SMP works beautifully and blends with your natural hair.
Scalp Micro Pigmentation Clinic For Full Head

Scalp Micropigmentation
For Full Head

  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an excellent option to make the hair look fuller by depositing pigments which would look like follicles growing out of the scalp.
  • SMP will reduce the overall visibility of the such cases, pigments are deposited on the top, sides, back and front to make the head look fuller.
  • We suggest staying away from applying black fibres ( toppick, etc ) on a regular basis because over a period of time , the hair loss will increase because the scalp is unable to breathe.

Related Questions

Is scalp micropigmentation painful ?

Well, its not at all painful as we just deposit ink in the outer layer, that too after numbing the area. We can share hundreds of videos wherein they sharing their experiences with absolutely no pain.

Can SMP be done in one session ?

Ideally you need 3 sessions. But with longer hours of session , We can try to finish in 2 sessions .

Scalp micro pigmentation cost in india ?

Each session is for 8000 to 15000.
You usually need 2 to 3 sessions. You can WhatsApp us your pictures for exact quote.

Time between each SMP session?

Ideally 7 to 10 days. Minimum 3 days & Maximum 45 days.

Are there any side effects of Scalp tattooing ?

There are absolutely no side effects of SMP

Will my hair continue to grow?

Yes absolutely, We are just tattooing the scalp. it has nothing to do with hair loss.

Does it fade ?

We use the based quality USA manufactured ink. There is Minimum fade. However, our skin peeling is a natural process which lightens the pigments over a period of time ( approx. 2 years )

Do i need a touch up ?

Yes, you may need a touch after may be 2 years because the pigments fade off a bit because of the natural process of skin peeling of our body.

Which machine you use for SMP ?

We use the USA manufactured Cheyenne SMP pen which is the most expensive pen in p category. This gives you natural appearance with consistent tiny dots .

Which ink you use for scalp micro pigmentation ?

We use the premium ink scalp elite ink which is manufactured in USA, specially made for scalp. The results are way better with this one

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