Human hair transplant is a surgical method wherein the strands are removed from the back of the head and implanted in the hair loss area.

Aesthetic sense for
Hairline designing

AHL has partnered with doctors who primarily perform DHI (Direct Hair Implant) — in which grafts are simultaneously extracted and implanted into pre made sites. Our doctors have authored a clinical paper on the topic ′Direct Hair Transplantation: A Modified Follicular Unit Extraction Technique′. With this, we aim at achieving:

  • Optimum density
  • Optimum coverage
  • Better survival rate
  • Natural hairline

In most cases, hair transplant is not successful in achieving good volume because of the limitation in donor hair strands.

This is because you can extract only a limited no of strands from the donor area.

We only follow the FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) method of transplant, which is the safest and most successful method as of yet — with no visible scars.

Hair Transplant with
American Hairline

American hairline as a brand, masters Non-surgical Hair Replacement & Hair Transplant hair designing.

Designing is the most important factor in a successful Hair transplant. Most hair transplant surgeons would only recommend a hair transplant when you are a candidate for a combination method, which involves hairline transplant and use of a non surgical hair system.

We have tied up with surgeons who have worked on a lot of celebrities in India and who understand basics of Hair systems.

Most surgeons unfortunately do not have an in depth understanding of how to align the direction of the replacement strands. They also often lack the understanding of the transitional density placement, the temple area transplant direction, the hairline rounded shape in the corners, and similar staples of a hair transplant with good results.

We as professionals, work in sync with the best surgeons in the industry and help you get the most natural results.

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  ISO Certified
The Only ISO Certified hair system company in india to Guarantee You Quality

  Ready to Wear

Completely Styled and Cut Ready To Wear hait system delivered at your Doorstep.

  100% Human Hair

We use the highest quality Real Human Remy Hair on our Hair-systems to ensure you get 100% natural looking system 

   Fully Customizable

Only brand in india who Customise - Density, Hair color, Texture, Base Shape, bleach knots, Hairline, Implant direction, Base type & Transitional density

  Single Strand Implant

We implant One Strand at a Time. just like how our natural hair grows, giving you the Flexibility to Part Your Hair the way you want.

  Customer Support

We implant One Strand at a Time. just like how our natural hair grows, giving you the Flexibility to Part Your Hair the way you want.

  Access to Educational Videos

We provide Learning videos which are of Great help. You will need to learn quite a few things at the initial stage which will help ypu Start off Smoothly.

  EMI Options

You can choose between Easy Emi starting from approx 2500-3000 / month with Tenure option up top approx 8 months.

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We have been Certified bt American board of Accredition Services for providing High Quality hair system

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Online ordering process makes it Easier to Order out of the Comfort of your own home.


Since we are mainly an online platform, we can afford to sell the Most Expensive hair systems at Affordable Prices.

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We are certified by American International Accreditation Organization

Front Hairline Transplant
(With Hair System)

This is the most popular and natural looking combination method of achieving the best results.

Front hairline — Surgical transplant; rest of the head area — Non-surgical hair system.

How it works:

  1. We design the hairline shape, density, direction, etc. with our Hair Transplant surgeon.
  2. We design your hair system with the same density, color, texture, no of strands, matching the front hairline. The end result is extremely natural looking hair with a lot of volume of top.

The key to a natural looking result is the design and planning process that we, at American Hairline are professionals at.

Front Hairline reconstruction is one of the most important aspects of a successful transplant as it gives an extremely natural look. It is not only a procedure but an art which requires a lot of experience. Hair transplant experts at AHL are renowned for natural looking hairline reconstruction with 1600+ successful hairline reconstruction cases.

Why choose this method?

    1. In most cases, you may not be a good candidate for getting only a Hair transplant.
    2. The donor area is not enough to give you voluminous hair on top.
    3. With a Hair transplant alone, you may get basic coverage, but never the density you desired .
    4. At times, maintenance of a natural looking (non- surgical) hairline patch could be a bit difficult and time-consuming. Doing the transplant in the front, frees you from being conscious about the front hairline. This is because once you have transplanted the front hairline, it is your own hair! Which is always natural looking.
    5. Best option to achieve volume on top area, along with an extremely natural looking hairline.

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Branches: Mumbai, Kerala.

Designing fee.: Rs.5000 to 10,000
Transplant cost: Rs.60,000 to Rs.2,50,000
(depending the no. of grafts to be implanted,
and the experience of the surgeon.

Related Questions

Does a clip-on system damage your natural hair?

A clip-on system is not on your scalp 24/7. You will be wearing it and removing it on a daily basis. So there’s no way it will do any damage to your natural hair.

Can I swim, shower and workout with it?

We do not suggest you swim or workout with your clip system on. It is advisable to take off the hair system and wear a swimming cap to cover the head while swimming and a regular cap during workout. During shower too, we suggest you remove the hair system, finish your shower and then put it back on.

Can I sleep with a clip-on hair system?

It is not advisable to sleep with a clip on system as the hair clips can cause discomfort while sleeping.

Is a clip on hair system detectable?

No it’s not. A clip on hair system is especially undetectable if the hair density and length of the sides and back matches that of your hair system.

Do I need to visit the salon for servicing?

A clip-on hair patch can be maintained at home by yourself so there’s no need to visit the salon for monthly servicing.

Can I ride a bike with a helmet on with a clip–on system?

Yes you can, the only thing is once you take off the helmet you will need to style your hair again.

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Branches: Mumbai, Kerala.

Designing fee.: Rs.5000 to 10,000
Transplant cost: Rs.60,000 to Rs.2,50,000
(depending the no. of grafts to be implanted, and the experience of the surgeon.)