Hair Replacement

100% Human Hair implanted strand by strand to a base, which is the attached to your hairloss area with help of Medicated glue, tapes or clips.

About Non Surgical
Hair Systems

Types of Non-Surgical Hair Systems

There are 3 types of non-surgical hair systems. They differ in their methods of application:

  1. Stick on (the top area of the head needs to be shaved)
  2. Full Clip on
  3. Combination (Sides & Back Clip) + (Front Tape)

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Stick on Systems

Clip on Systems

Combination Systems

Designing a Non-Surgical Hair System

Designing a non-surgical hair system is the most important step in the entire non-surgical hair replacement process. The expert handling your case must match the hair texture, volume and color of the system to your natural hair to make sure that the system looks realistic & fashionable, and blends well with your natural hair.

The secret to designing the perfect hair system requires the understanding your desired look, choose the appropriate base for the hair system — and choosing a system suiting your lifestyle. The time & energy you are willing to invest to maintain the hair system will also affect the choice of a hair system.

Maintenance of Non-Surgical Hair Systems
  • Stick-on: Servicing is required every 20 to 30 days.
  • Clip-on: Needs basic shampoo, conditioning and styling (Do it yourself)
*All our hair systems are made of 100% Human hair

Benefits Of Non Surgical
Hair Systems

  • Self confidence

Hair loss can be very defeating for a man’s self-confidence. At American Hairline, we believe every man deserves to feel good about himself. We do our best to design solutions that will help you regain your confidence.

  • No Pain/No Bleeding

Unlike surgical methods, there is no pain and discomfort after the procedure. There is no bleeding or any form of medication prescribed in the non-surgical method.

  • No Side Effects

At American Hairline, we care about our customers. We only use medical-grade adhesives to attach the systems which are bacteria resistant and extremely safe.

  • It’s Reversible

If you decide that you are no longer interested in wearing your hair replacement system, you can simply have it removed. There is no permanent commitment — you are always in control.

  • Get The Density You Desire

With non-surgical hair systems, you can achieve the density you desire; since the system is not dependent on your natural hair density. This is not the case with Surgical methods of hair replacement.

  • Non-surgical hair systems need to be changed 2 to 3 times a year.
  • If you have chosen the stick-on method, your system will require servicing every 20-30 days

The Hair Loss
Journey of a Man

Let us follow the journey of Ajay, a business man from Hyderabad.

1. Ajay always had a thick, vibrant head of hair. until he began experiencing hair loss between the ages of 25-35.

2. In the early stages of his hair loss, he tried various shampoos based on what he could find on the internet, or what was recommended to him by friends — but nothing works.

3. After much consideration, he approaches a doctor for his hair loss. The doctor suggests some topical lotions and tablets.

4. Ajay follows his treatment plan diligently. Unfortunately — to no avail. His hair density does not increase and the hair loss remains the same, if not worse.

5. His last hope is treatments like mesoscalp, PRP treatments and similar approaches. But it does not give him the results he desires. (These can only control 10% of the hairloss which is negligible).

6. Having tried everything, he considers a hair transplant, but decides it’s not the best fit for him. (In most cases, transplant cannot drastically increase hair density — it can just fill up the gap. Also, the existing hair continues to fall over a period of time, taking you back to square one.)

7. After all of his troubles, Ajay is left with only one option — Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, a non-invasive procedure which gives you guaranteed results.

Is the hair system detectable? If designed the right way, the hair system is not detectable at all.

How do i order
my Hair System?

For People from Mumbai
  • Book a consultation with us.
  • Visit our centre In Khar West.
  • Clear up all your doubts about the process with us in person
  • Your sample and mould will be taken.
  • After this, your order will be successfully placed!
For People not from Mumbai
  • Book an In-depth video consultation with us.
  • Take a video for the measurements of the hair loss area. We provide you with video resources to accurately take your measurements. Follow the steps, and send us your measurements.
  • Our team of experts will design the hair system based on your measurements and requirements. A ready-to-wear hair system will be delivered to you at the comfort of your home.
  • If you have purchased a Clip-on Hair System, it is ready-to-wear. If you have chosen a Stick-on Hair System, we will help you find an expert in your locality who can assist with the application process.

Related Questions

Can i order online?

Usually, the life depends on the amount of hair implanted, and the base type. A thin base and low density would last for 3 to 4 months and a thick base and heavy density could last for a year.

Is non surgical hair Replacement safe?

We use only the medical grade adhesive which is 100 percent safe . However, if your scalp is very sensitive, you should first discuss with one of our executives and they will suggest to right option for you

Are semi - customized a good option?

Well , once you specifications are taken by the expert, he will let you know whether semi customized is an option for him or you fully customized hair patch is the only option for him .

What's the difference between wig and hair system/ hair patch ?

Well , once you specifications are taken by the expert, he will let you know whether semi customized is an option for him or you fully customized hair patch is the only option for him.

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