Fully Customized
Hair Systems

If you are looking for the best option for yourself in hair systems and if time and cost are not major concerns, Fully customized hair systems would be the best option for you.

custom made hair systems for men in india

Two type of
Hair units

Stock Hair Unit
  • A stock hair system refers to hair systems or toupee that are in stock with the factory . Over a period of time , we have discovered which base design , hair texture, density , hair wave are the most popular and which people find most comfortable to wear. As. We have chosen these hair systems as the most popular and that can meet the needs of most people

  • Standard sizes :Usually some standard (most common) sizes of base is manufactured from our end .We choose the base size closest to your size , cut the base a bit to fit to your exact size .

  • Once we understand your requirement in terms of the hair color, base size, hairline shape, the hair density, etc, we check if stock unit is an option for you.

  • If we find an unit which is 80% close to your specifications, we suggest a stock unit, to save cost (custom units are more expensive) and for quick delivery (custom units production time is 2 to 3 months)

    Delivery time: 7 to 30 days (Depending on the availibility). Approx cost : Rs.30,000 to Rs.45,000 .

Custom Hair Unit
  • Self confidence - Hair loss can lower your self -confidence and we believe every man deserves to feel good about himself. Hence, non-surgical hair system is affordable, painless and of the highest quality in creating the look and feel of your own hair.
  • No Pain/No Bleeding - Unlike surgical methods, there is no pain and discomfort after the procedure. There is no bleeding or any form of medication prescribed in the Non-surgical method.
  • No Side Effects - We only use medical-grade adhesives to fix the system which are bacteria resistant and extremely safe.
  • It's reversible - If you decide that you are no longer interested in wearing your hair replacement system, you can simply have it removed. It’s not permanent.
  • Get The Density You Desire - In hair systems, you can achieve the density you desire since it is not dependent on your natural hair density. This is not the case with Surgical methods.

What can be


We can fully control the density of the hair system and match it to the density of the sides and back.

2.Choice Of Hair Color

We usually cut a sample for your hair and try to match it exactly like your natural hair color

3.Hair Texture

Hair texture is matched to your natural hair texture on the sides and back

4.Base Shape

We create the exact shape of the hairloss area to avoid any shaving of hair in the areas where the hairloss is not much .

5.The Diameter of each Strand

We also check the diameter of your strand in the machine to match it closest to your natural hair.

6.Bleach knots/Unbleached knots

We bleach the knots after knotting , if you want the knots to be completely invisible

7.The front hairline shape

The shape of the front hairline is an important factor . We design the hair systems which are in sync with the temple area in the front .

8.The front hairline transitional density

We usually add Less hair in the front and increase gradually , exactly like how your natural front hairline grows .

9.Hairstyle/ hair length

Selection of right hairstyles is extremely important . We fully customise the hairstyles , based on your needs and our understanding .

10.Hair implant direction

Different base design that suits your requirements . ( Swiss lace, HD skin, French lace, silk top, combination, etc )

11.Base design that suits your requirements
  • Customised different density in different areas
  • We can fully control the density of the hair system and match it to the density of the sides and back.
12.The hairline shape
  • Customised different density in different areas
  • We can fully control the density of the hair system and match it to the density of the sides and back.
natural human hair replacement systems

Real Life Client


Secret to Natural
Looking Hair

Important factors that make a Hair system look natural are :-

1. Density 
Unfortunately most units in India are high in density which makes it look completely artificial. We, design low density units which looks more real and blends beautifully with your natural hair on the sides and back.

2. Front hairline :
Thinnest base , gradual density , low density , invisible knots ,knotting technique and using thin strands in the front makes extremely natural hair patches for men.

3. Hair cut blending :
15 years of experience has helped us master the technique of cutting and texturizing the hair in such a way that even if you are not in front of us , we can still manage to give you ready-to-wear hair systems/natural looking wigs , which will blend beautifully.

4. Appropriate hairstyles :
Short & simple hairstyle is easily manageable . Since you have lost a lot of hair on top , adding a lot of hair( on top ) , may not not be a good option . We suggest taking one step at a time and gradually increasing the density. Your first natural looking wig/ hair system should be light in density 

Ask Us
Will a combination method, clip on (sides) + tape (front) damage my natural hair?

A hair patch clip system with frontal tape is not on your scalp 24/7. You will be wearing it and removing it on a daily basis. So there’s no way it will do any damage to your natural hair.

Can I get a natural hairline?

Clip- on hair systems with side hair clip and back, and front hair tape have a slightly thicker base for the clips to provide a secure hold. For this reason, a hairline that’s a 5/5 may not be achieved like in glue systems, but a 4/ 5 hairline can surely be achieved.

Can I swim, shower and workout with it?

We do not suggest you swim or workout with your hair system on. It is advisable to take off the hair system and wear a swimming cap to cover the head while swimming and a regular cap during workout. During shower too, we suggest you remove the hair system, finish your shower and then put it back on..

Can you sleep with it?

It is not advisable to sleep with it as the hair clip side and back can cause discomfort while sleeping.

Do I need to visit the salon for servicing?

A clip system hair patch with front tape can be fully maintained at home and there’s no need for salon servicing. However, ask your hair replacement technician to provide best tape for hair systems and best hair clips for thick hair so you are sorted!

Will anybody be able to tell I’m wearing a hair system?

Our glue and tape hair systems are available in ultra- thin base material that is completely undetectable when stuck on your scalp. Even someone sitting very close to you won’t be able to tell you are wearing a hair system.

How do i order
my Hair System?

For People from Mumbai
  • Book a consultation with us.
  • Visit our centre In Khar West.
  • Clear up all your doubts about the process with us in person
  • Your sample and mould will be taken.
  • After this, your order will be successfully placed!
For People not from Mumbai
  • Book an In-depth video consultation with us.
  • Take a video for the measurements of the hair loss area. We provide you with video resources to accurately take your measurements. Follow the steps, and send us your measurements.
  • Our team of experts will design the hair system based on your measurements and requirements. A ready-to-wear hair system will be delivered to you at the comfort of your home.
  • If you have purchased a Clip-on Hair System, it is ready-to-wear. If you have chosen a Stick-on Hair System, we will help you find an expert in your locality who can assist with the application process.

Book a Consultation

    Consult with one of our hair replacement experts and gain more clarity about hair systems.