Australian Mirage Hair Patch

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About Australian Mirage Hair Systems

Mirage Australian patches usually have a PU border and a skin base in between. It looks like a base from above, but of course you are not going to get a natural hairline because you are looking for a natural hairline which may not look very natural. The Australian Mirage patch has PU-based edges and a skin-based silk top in the center.

Methods of

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Clip On Hair Patch

Because it has the PU border, you do have an option of Clipping it up as well and you can attach this clip using it as a Clip-On system.

Stick On Hair Systems

In this method you can choose a Stick-On method where you need to shave off the head and then fix the system.

Why choose

  ISO Certified
The Only ISO Certified hair system company in india to Guarantee You Quality

  Ready to Wear

Completely Styled and Cut Ready To Wear hait system delivered at your Doorstep.

  100% Human Hair

We use the highest quality Real Human Remy Hair on our Hair-systems to ensure you get 100% natural looking system 

   Fully Customizable

Only brand in india who Customise - Density, Hair color, Texture, Base Shape, bleach knots, Hairline, Implant direction, Base type & Transitional density

  Single Strand Implant

We implant One Strand at a Time. just like how our natural hair grows, giving you the Flexibility to Part Your Hair the way you want.

  Customer Support

We implant One Strand at a Time. just like how our natural hair grows, giving you the Flexibility to Part Your Hair the way you want.

  Access to Educational Videos

We provide Learning videos which are of Great help. You will need to learn quite a few things at the initial stage which will help ypu Start off Smoothly.

  EMI Options

You can choose between Easy Emi starting from approx 2500-3000 / month with Tenure option up top approx 8 months.

  Certified by American

We have been Certified bt American board of Accredition Services for providing High Quality hair system

  Order Online

Online ordering process makes it Easier to Order out of the Comfort of your own home.


Since we are mainly an online platform, we can afford to sell the Most Expensive hair systems at Affordable Prices.

  Certified by AIAO-Bar

We are certified by American International Accreditation Organization

hair wigs for men in Mumbai

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How do i order
my Hair System?

For People from Mumbai
  • Book a consultation with us.
  • Visit our centre In Khar West.
  • Clear up all your doubts about the process with us in person
  • Your sample and mould will be taken.
  • After this, your order will be successfully placed!
For People not from Mumbai
  • Book an In-depth video consultation with us.
  • Take a video for the measurements of the hair loss area. We provide you with video resources to accurately take your measurements. Follow the steps, and send us your measurements.
  • Our team of experts will design the hair system based on your measurements and requirements. A ready-to-wear hair system will be delivered to you at the comfort of your home.
  • If you have purchased a Clip-on Hair System, it is ready-to-wear. If you have chosen a Stick-on Hair System, we will help you find an expert in your locality who can assist with the application process.

Related Questions

What is the construction of Mirage Australian hair patches?

Mirage Australian hair patches feature a PU border with a skin base in between. This design combines the durability of the PU material with the natural appearance of the skin-based silk top at the center. The PU-based edges provide stability and secure attachment, while the skin-based silk top creates a realistic look.

Does the Mirage Australian patch provide a natural hairline?

While the Mirage Australian patch offers a realistic appearance with its skin-based silk top, it may not provide a completely natural hairline. The focus of this design is to strike a balance between durability and a natural look. However, for those seeking a more natural hairline, alternative options like the Natural Frontline hair patches may be more suitable.

How durable are Mirage Australian hair patches?

Mirage Australian hair patches are known for their durability due to the PU-based edges. The PU material offers excellent strength and longevity, ensuring the hair patch withstands daily wear and styling. However, it's important to follow proper care and maintenance instructions to maximize the lifespan of the hair patch.

Can Mirage Australian hair patches be customized?

Yes, Mirage Australian hair patches can be customized to a certain extent. The PU border and skin-based silk top allow for some customization options, such as hair color, length, and style. However, it's important to consult with a hair replacement specialist or stylist to understand the customization possibilities and limitations.

Are Mirage Australian hair patches suitable for everyone?

Mirage Australian hair patches are generally suitable for individuals experiencing hair loss. However, it's recommended to consult with a hair replacement specialist to determine the best solution for your specific hair loss condition. They can assess your needs and provide personalized recommendations based on factors such as hair type, scalp condition, and desired aesthetic.

Where can I find Mirage Australian hair patches?

Mirage Australian hair patches are available through authorized distributors and salons specializing in non-surgical hair replacement. It's advisable to contact the official distributors or visit our website to locate authorized outlets near you. They can provide you with more information, conduct consultations, and assist you in finding the right Mirage Australian hair patch for your needs.

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