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Selecting The Correct Hair Density For Your Hair System

How is a hair replacement system easily detected?  If the hair density is thicker than one’s natural hair density or if the thickness is unrealistic according to their age, it becomes very obvious that a person is wearing a non- surgical hair replacement system.  In other words correct hair system density = natural looking hair system.

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Choosing the Right Hair System Density
FAQs on Hair System Density

Choose a hair density that blends with your existing hair

When new customers come to us, who are already wearing a hair system they purchased from elsewhere, we constantly face the issue of having to advise them that their existing hair replacement system is too thick.  They put in an effort to look much younger, but in turn end up with a hair system that looks unnatural.  

We suggest that you choose a hair density that will naturally blend with your own hair and at the same time should be suitable for your age.  For example, if you are in you 50s, your hair density should be much lower than someone who’s lost their hair in their 20s or 30s.  

Hair density that matches your existing hair density will look the most natural. Ironically, low- density hair systems end up looking the best.

Unsightly knots need to be disguised at times which is why the hair systems are made heavy in density.  At American Hairline, we use ultra thin bases and single strand implant, so a natural scalp appearance is achieved even with the lightest density.  
Even though we suggest low density, please note that with a custom- made hair system you can have any percentage of hair density you want.  You can also choose to go for transitional density, where the density is low in the front and gradually increases at the top.  This makes the hairline appear softer and more natural.  This is ideal if you are using a hair system with lace front.

Frequently asked questions about hair system density

  1. How will I be able to figure what hair density would be right for me?

The best thing to do is match the hair system density to that of your own hair on the sides and back.  If you have fine hair on the sides or back, you cannot go for heavy density on the top.  In that case the hair system will just not blend with your own hair.  Only if your hair density on the sides and back is fuller does it make sense to go for heavy density on the top.

  1. Does the hair density I choose affect the choice of base type?

Yes, the lighter the density you want, the finer should be the base material, like full lace.  A heavier density requires a stronger base.  In such cases you have to sacrifice natural appearance but you will gain durability.

  1. Can my hair system density be adjusted after I’ve received the hair unit?

Yes you can, but we suggest you don’t do it as it leaves stubbles of hair on the base.  The stubbles feel very unpleasant to touch.  In addition, the knots on the base will have to be concealed else it would look very unnatural.

We hope this article has been of some help to you.  In case you need further assistance in human hair replacement, please call or WhatsApp on +91 9222666111.

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