Front Hairline Patch

We believe a natural front hairline is extremely important for the hair system to look natural.

What Makes A Front Hairline Systems Look Natural?

  1. The Number of Strands.
    Usually the front area should have ac lesser number of strands and not too heavy. The placement should be uneven to make it look exactly how our natural hair grows .
  2. The Shape of the Hairline
    The shape should match the angles of your temple area. Also , it needs to be age appropriate. You can’t have a straight hairline like how you had in your early 20’s. It needs to be a little receding to make it look more natural.
  3. The Invisible Knots & The Placement of the strands.
    The knots of the strands are bleached to make the knots invisible. This makes the hair weak at the roots and may cause hair fall but still gives it a natural front hairline.
  4. Thinnest base material.
    The base material needs to be very thin so that it blends with the color of your scalp.
  5. Transitional density.
    First line of strands should just be single strands , the second line of strands should be double strands , so on and so forth .this gradual increase in density gives a very natural appearance. We, at American Hairline, makes sure each hair system is Hand-Made to achieve an extremely natural look in the front. We make sure once it’s fixed, it looks exactly like your natural hairline. It will not look like you are experiencing front hairline thinning.
    After fixing the hair system, you will feel as if the hair is growing out of the scalp . 

Attachment Method :

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  1.  Liquid glue in the front area :
    This method gives you the most natural look, but it’s high in maintenance because you will have clean the front hairline, and again re fix the front area( every 7 – 10 days ) with the help of liquid glue.
  2. Liquid glue + dotted tape :
    This may not give you the best results compared to the liquid glue application method, but if you prefer something that lasts for 20 to 25 days, this may be the right option for you .

For your better understanding:
The tape is thick , it will last for a longer time but will not give a very natural appearance. If you stick it with the help of thinner tapes like no shine, or liquid glue, they may last for more than 7 to 10 days but will look very natural. The choice is yours !

Natural Hair Replacement Systems
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Related Questions

Can I get a natural hairline in clip on hair systems ?
In full clip on , you can get a natural hairline. However if you consider a system which is attached with tape in the front and sides and back with clips, the hairline will look better . Please watch the following video , to understand the combination method ( Front : Tape, Sides : clips)
Why is the life of the hair system so less?

The base material which is used is very very thin which blends with your scalp. Because the base is very thin , it is very fragile. Constant wear and tear reduces the life of the hair systems.

Can we get a natural hairline in semi - customized units as well ?

Yes. We do have units in stock with natural hairline. If your specifications are matched, you can choose the semi - customized one as well.

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