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After wearing it for 15 to 25 days , the hair system is removed from the scalp with the help of a remover called C22 .

Cleaning of the Scalp

The residue of the melted glue and tape is carefully removed from the scalp . The scalp is then shampooed gently

Cleaning of the Hair System

The melted tape is gently removed from the base , making sure the base is not damaged. You gotta be extra careful in bases which are very thin as they are delicate and may tare off . The base is then shampooed and the hair is deep conditioned.

Application of Tape

Once the base is clean , fresh tapes are stuck on the inside of the base of the hair patch. The liquid glue is applied on the scalp as per requirement

Fixing the Hair System

Once the liquid glue dries up , the hair system is stuck back on the scalp, starting from the front


Water is sprayed and the hair is combed gently in all directions making sure the hair soft and free to comb in all directions.
Make sure there are no knots. Once you done with the styling of the hair system , its time to apply some serum, a leave-in conditioner or a cream based, mild product.
Make sure you you do not use any strong products as it will be difficult to remove the product from the hair patch .

Approximate time : 1.15 mins to 1.45 mins .
Approximate cost : Rs .800 to 1000 ( local place ) 
Premium salons  : Rs. 1600 to 2000 .

Our Suggestions

Never compromise on the quality of service.
If the service is not done right, which means if the appropriate products are not used, the hair will get dry , and the base will get weak , which will eventually reduce the life of the hair system and make the hair look dry.
A premium service salon will use the sulphate and parafen free shampoo, the deep conditioning mask which will maintain the softness of the hair , use the scalp protector on the scalp before applying the liquid glue on the scalp.
When premium products are used, the cost of the service will get a bit higher , but its eventually worth it because it will increase the longevity of your hair system, make the hair look soft and supple , also protect your scalp because if scalp protector.

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