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Myths About Non- Surgical Hair Replacement

If you have made up your mind that non- surgical hair replacement is the solution for concealing your hair loss, you need to do thorough research to find the right supplier who can cater for your specific requirements.  

There are plenty of companies that sell magic hair loss pills, offer laser or prp treatments for hair loss.  Most of these are false claims.  Also, many doctors promise a head full of hair with hair transplant and companies selling customized hair replacement systems and ready- to wear hair systems.  All these choices can confuse a person about which route to take.

For every individual, the solution might lie in a different method.  If it is non- surgical hair replacement you choose, you may come across some myths.  In this article we will cover each of these in detail.

Myth no 1:  A hair replacement system looks like a wig.

Your hair system can look like a wig if you don’t go to the right hair replacement expert.  A good stylist will give you genuine advice about the hair density and hair color that’s suitable for your age.  

Essentially hair replacement systems are not wigs. However, both hair systems and human hair wigs are designed to conceal hair loss.  In a hair patch, real human hair is hand- woven onto the base material.  The different types of base materials are swiss lace, French lace, skin base and monofilament.  The ultra thin base materials such as swiss lace or French lace, are bonded to the scalp with either liquid or tape adhesive.  

Another way to detect a hair system is by the front hairline.  A heavy, blocky hairline looks extremely unnatural.  A natural front hairline is not uniformly straight, and the hair density is transitional and irregular just like one’s natural hair growth.

Myth no 2: Hair systems are hot and itchy.

Hair systems come with breathable base materials, which are feather- light.  Once the hair system is bonded to your scalp correctly, you will forget your wearing one.

Myth no 3:  Hair systems irritate the scalp.

Human hair replacement systems cannot cause any discomfort, unless one is allergic to the ingredients in adhesives.  Incase you have a sensitive scalp, check with your hair expert if there is any other adhesive that would be suitable for you.  

It is advisable to remove and clean the scalp on a weekly basis to avoid irritation.

Myth no 4:  You cannot swim with a hair system.

You can lead a perfectly normal life once you are wearing a hair system.  All the activities, including swimming, running, high – intensity sports can be continued.

Myth no 5:  You cannot wear a hair system in the sun.

Wearing a hair system does not mean you need to modify your lifestyle.  However, you do need to take care when the hair is exposed to very hot climate.  You will be required to clean the hair system more frequently due to sweat.  Use UV protection spray to prevent your hair color from fading too soon.  

The right hair system should bring about a positive change in your life.

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