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Common Challenges of Non- Surgical Hair Replacement

Common Challenges of Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Your hair replacement journey requires you to be prepared to face certain challenges along the way. There’s a lot of learning when you start doing your own hair replacement; in terms of how to care for your hair replacement system. With patience and persistence, you will succeed.

Working with non-growing hair

Human hair has issues such as tangling, frizzing, and breakage if it is poorly maintained. It is not necessary that you will be facing these issues. It also depends on your hair length and curl pattern. Our hair technician will guide you on how to care for your non-surgical hair replacement system.

Inconsistency with hair orders

The following are some of the issues we face that cause inconsistencies:

  1. Donor’s hair

Hair systems are made from the hair of 2 or more donors, so there could be variations between orders in terms of quality.  Many donors may have also colored their hair before providing it for hair systems.  So, even though we try our best to purchase high-quality hair for your hair system, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, do let us know so that we can make the adjustments.

  1. Handmade

Each hair system is a handmade product, so there will be slight variations in every hair system, especially in density.  Please be open to this. 

  1. Curl or wave

It is challenging to keep the wave or curl consistent from one hair system to another.  How well the hair holds a curl also depends on hair quality and color.  A tighter curl shortens the life span of a hair system.  So if you have long hair with a tight curl, the hair will definitely tangle more.  We want you to be aware of this so you understand why your hair system has a shorter lifespan.   

  1. Order error

As human beings, we all mistakes, it is possible that your hair replacement executive makes a mistake when placing your order.  Do communicate clearly to ensure all order specs are in place before the order is placed.  

  1. Production facility delays

Once you have placed your order, we will give you an estimated delivery date.  However, there are some reasons why your order may get delayed.  One of the reasons could be due to holidays in between that can delay the process.  Secondly, all our hair systems are manufactured in the USA, so delays could occur due to travel and weather-related issues.

  1. Be prepared

The day-to-day routine of wearing a hair toupee is pretty easy and will get more comfortable with time.  We will provide you with all the information you need so that you will be fully prepared to face any issues.

It’s always good to be flexible and have a backup plan to make things easier.  Have realistic expectations, so you don’t get disappointed.  

In case you are unhappy with your hair system for any reason, our hair replacement consultants are always available on the phone, or by email.  

Lifestyle Concerns 

You need to read about issues pertaining to general safety with adhesives as well as skin issues.

Lifestyle limitations

Most hair system wearers have concerns about what they can and can’t do while wearing the hair system.  Most of the concerns are related to exercising, swimming, and showering.  It is very natural to be uneasy and in doubt about the security of your hair system.  

The good news is that you will be able to do most of the things if not all.  With time, you will get fully accustomed to a life with a hair system, your fears will go away and you will understand your limitations.

What to be aware of

Even though you are able to do almost everything with a hair system, there could be some limitations you need to be aware of.  

Attachment method and duration

Your limitations depend on the method of attachment.  If you use clips or daily adhesives, then it’s best to avoid activities like, diving headfirst into a pool or getting on to a high-speed roller coaster.  Strong adhesives that provide a more long-term hold are generally more secure.

Rise in body temperature

Activities such as exercising, taking a sauna, or sitting out on a hot day, raise the body temperature.  As the temperature rises, the hair system can become a bit lose as the bond softens.  It’s not like you shouldn’t do these activities, but understand that it does become a bit lose especially if it’s just been 48 hours of fixing and you need to be careful.

Chlorinated and soft water

You need to take care of and protect your hair system before you swim, as chlorine and salt water are very damaging to the hair itself.

The takeaway

The purpose of a hair system is that you should be able to regain your self-confidence. Your life won’t be drastically altered because of your hair system.
As long as you use sound judgment and follow all procedures to take care of your hair, it will be a positive and gratifying experience.

Safety and skin sensitivity

It is very natural for you to have concerns about how the adhesives can affect your skin. We aren’t aware of any diseases that may be caused by hair replacement products.

Although we don’t even know of any long-term side effects caused by adhesives or hair replacement products, some people do experience mild redness on the scalp after removing the hair system. This inflammation is temporary and is caused by the alcohol used to remove the system. If you have excessive inflammation, discontinue use and contact a physician. Even if your skin seems fine, know that you are using chemicals and adhesives at your own risk.

The effects of heat, water, and sweat on your hair system

The first 24 hours are crucial when you just fix the hair system. Within that time, the bond is soft and vulnerable to heat, sweat, and water.

Once the 24 hours have passed, you can get wet with no issues, but heat and sweat can soften the bond. Once your body temperature returns to normal, the bond hardens once again.

Waiting for the bond to cure

It is important that you keep your body cool when the hair system is being attached with adhesive. Once it is attached, wait for 24 hours for it to set/ cure. Avoid getting your hair system wet by showering, swimming, or sweating. So avoid exercising during this time.
After 24 hours the bond should have been set. If in case you do face issues with the bond, feel free to contact us. Maybe, there could be a problem with your scalp preparation or base cleaning process, and it needs to be redone.

Getting your hair system wet

After 24 hours, once the bond is set, you can take a shower and get your hair wet. However, be careful with steam as the heat can cause the bond to soften temporarily. Once the body temperature returns to normal, the bond will set once again.

The effects of sweat

Sweating can temporarily soften your bond. As the body temperature returns to normal, the bond will settle once again. If you work out regularly your bond will loosen faster, as heat and perspiration shorten the life of the bond.

Your hair system won’t fall off

The biggest concern of most people is whether the hair system will fall off when the bond loosens. But you need not worry. Yes, it will come off easily when pulled, but you are less likely to do that. Even if someone else accidentally tugs your hair system, it’s not going to come off your head. Some extra effort is needed to pull it off completely.

Worst- case scenario

If you do an intense workout within the first 24-hour period, when the bond isn’t fully cured, the sweat can cause the system to be easily pulled off.

So always let the bond cure after the hair system is attached.

We recommend you stay on course and commit to doing your own hair. It will be new to you and you may struggle with it for some time. But we know that if you remain patient and calm you will succeed. For any kind of assistance, regarding non-surgical hair replacement, call +91 9222666111.

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