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Human Hair Wigs For Cancer Or Alopecia

Human Hair Wigs For Cancer Or Alopecia

We understand that losing your hair is an upsetting and traumatic experience. When a person loses hair due to chemotherapy, its very natural for him to want his hair back. For this reason, we suggest the use of premium quality human hair wigs for cancer patients, or any other medical conditions that cause hair loss. In this post, we will learn some more about the use of hair wigs in detail.

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Natural looking hair wigs
Caring for human hair wigs

Natural looking hair wigs

We, at American Hairline, specialize in high quality custom made wigs.  Made of 100% real human hair, each of these is made to suit your requirement in terms of hair color, hairstyle, and hair texture. Our custom-made hair wigs restore a person’s confidence, so that they can lead a normal life.  

When using a real hair wig for cancer patients, obviously you would want the most natural looking one, so you dont have to be too conscious of it. For a natural appearance, you could choose one with a lace front and monofilament top. In addition, 100 % hand tied caps, where in the hair is individually hand tied, create the appearance of hair growth that is natural.  These wigs are of no- glue and no-tape nature and have become popular due to their ease of use.

 A combination of these might be expensive, but gives the most natural look and feel.  The hair appears as if it’s coming out of the scalp, while the hair can be styled easily.  It’s best to choose a custom-made hair wig, one that is suitable for your lifestyle and requirement. We suggest you visit a professional salon, so you can get the right guidance regarding natural hair wigs for cancer patients.

The wig cap is made of a stretchable and breathable fabric so that it’s extremely comfortable for you to wear for a long period of time. Human hair wigs are extremely practical and can be used on a daily basis.  Below are some of the advantages of these real human hair wigs:

  • The hair wigs are made from real human hair that gives the appearance as if the hair is growing from the scalp.
  • A lace front gives a perfectly natural undetectable hairline.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear, and made of breathable mesh fabric.
  • Can be attached easily and taken off anytime.

Caring for human hair wigs

With proper care and maintenance, a real hair wig should last approximately 8 months to a year.  Here are some tips to help keep your hair wig looking good for a longer time:

  1. If you wear the hair wig every single day, wash and condition the hair wig once a week, or at least every 10 days. Do take a break from using the wig, by covering your head with a bandana or wearing a cap.
  2. Do take guidance from a trained professional as to how to style and clean the human hair wig.
  3. Whenever you are not wearing the hair wig, make sure it’s kept away from dirt, dust, sunlight, and moisture.  In that case, you could use a wig stand.

We hope this article has been of help to you. In case you need any further information, please WhatsApp or call us on +91 9222666111.

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