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Difference Between Hair Systems And Hair Wigs

Difference Between Hair Systems And Hair Wigs

Hair loss, hair thinning and baldness have become a growing concern for most people nowadays. There may be a number of reasons why a person loses hair. Hair loss can be devastating for some and make them lose their self -confidence. For this reason, hair accessories such as human hair wigs and hair replacement systems are a perfect solution. Non- surgical hair replacement has gained popularity due to its many benefits and guaranteed results and is suitable if one has partial hair loss. Hair wigs for cancer or alopecia are perfect to cover the entire head and ideal for those who suffer hair loss due to medical reasons.

In this article we cover the key differences between human hair systems and hair wigs so it’s easy for you to decide which one is more suitable for you. The most obvious difference between the two is the area of the head that they cover.

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Human Hair Systems
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A hairpiece is an artificial covering of hair applied to the head and a very general term that is very often used. Examples of hairpieces include human hair extensions, hair wigs, clip- in bangs and fringes.

Human hair replacement systems

A hair system is a name that is used to refer to hair that is implanted onto a base and then attached to the scalp of a person who has partial hair loss. A hair system is also popularly known as a hair patch as it does not cover the entire head but just a bald spot or area where there is hair lossThese hair patches are then blended with your current hair to achieve the most natural look.  Customized hair systems blend seamlessly with one’s own hair as they are made according to one’s head size, hair color, and hair texture.

Hair systems are the quickest most effective ways to hide baldness.  When ordering a hair system make sure the hair used in the patch is real human hair and not synthetic hair.  Real human hair patches are way more natural looking than synthetic hair patches.  Also make sure the hair color and hair texture matches your existing hair so it’s completely undetectable.

Hair wigs

If you are facing complete hair loss due to any medical condition such as alopecia or the after effects of chemotherapy, real human hair wigs are the ideal solution.  These hair wigs can be fully customized to suit your preferences and cover the entire head area.  Human hair wigs used to look very unnatural and could be detected easily, but due to modern day technology the hair wigs that are made nowadays look perfectly natural.
We hope this article helps you to be able to decide what is more suitable for you. Incase you require any assistance regarding the best quality hair systems in India or premium quality hair wigs, feel free to call or WhatsApp on +91 9222666111.

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