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How to Choose The Right Hairstyle For Hair Systems

Collage of various men's hairstyles with hair systems.

Men’s wigs, toupees or hair systems all refer to the human hair replacement procedure. This involves attaching a patch that covers the hair loss area and matches your natural hair in color and texture. Hair systems are not the same as wigs for men, which cover the entire head. If you’re considering the best non-surgical hair replacement system, it’s important to choose the right hairstyle to complement it. In this article, we will look at some of the dos and don’ts when choosing the right hairstyle for hair systems.

Let’s break this subject into parts:

1) Density

The hair density of your hair patch should match the density of your natural hair on the sides and back. If the density on the sides and back is low, it is advisable to keep the density on the hair replacement system relatively low as well. Please note that these systems are for the top, not the back. So, if the back density is lower, and there’s too much hair on top, it can look fake. If it’s your first time wearing a system and your hair is very scanty, it’s best to choose a light-density one, and then move up to a medium-density one. We recommend that you visit a good hair replacement salon for the right advice.

2) Age-appropriate hairstyle

Your hairstyle should be appropriate for your age. If you are in your 20s or 30s, you can generally go for a slightly higher-density hair toupee with a funky hairstyle. However, as we age, our natural hair density lessens. Hence, we suggest you choose a medium to light-density hair replacement system, so it looks natural.

3) Length

Shorter lengths are always easier to maintain and style. The longer the length, the more difficult it is to style and maintain. If you are a first-time hair system wearer, it’s best to stick to the basics until you become a pro at styling your own hair patch.

4) Front hairline

A hairstyle with a solid front hairline makes it very obvious that you are wearing a hair system. Our natural hair density on the hairline is transitional. Hence, if you want the hair patch to look natural, choose a hairstyle with transitional density, so the hair system is completely undetectable.

5) Be realistic about your expectations

Do not expect your hair to look like Bollywood celebrities. They have a hairstylist with them 24/7, who helps to style their hair and keep it looking good. Simple hairstyles are easy to maintain and less time-consuming.

In conclusion, it’s important to choose low-density, simple hairstyles for your non-surgical hair system. If you require further assistance, give us a call or WhatsApp us at +91 9222666111. We provide high-quality non-surgical hair replacement systems in India made from 100% real human hair.

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