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How To Prepare Yourself For Non- Surgical Hair Replacement

preparing yourself for hair replacement

After you have decided on non- surgical hair replacement as a solution for your hair loss, it’s time to prepare yourself for the attachment process. It’s very normal for you to feel different emotions at this point. However, remember the final goal is to have a head full of hair. In this article, we share with you some tips to help you begin your journey into human hair restoration.

Acknowledge your emotions

If this is your first bonded attachment, its very natural for many emotions to arise before you begin wearing the hair replacement system. But a lot of your stress is will be relieved as you will have a whole lot of hair on your head now. This is going to be a fresh start and a boost to your self-confidence.

If you feel nervous or uncertain for any reason at all, we are available for any help or guidance you need. Shaving your head is a big decision, but we are certain with time it will become less emotional and a regular part of your hair system maintenance.

Be patient through the process

The entire process can take up to three hours, to prepare your hair patch, shave your scalp and attach it to your head. Its best not to make any other plans during the day of your first application as you need to get familiar with your new hair.

Shaving your scalp for the first time

Shaving your scalp to attach the human hair replacement system is an important step, as it creates a smooth surface for the application. Hence, it’s important that you are emotionally prepared before you move ahead.

Preparing the scalp for the application

After the scalp is shaved, the bonding area needs to be prepared for the attachment. For the bond to be secure, the surface needs to be cleaned properly to avoid any oil build- up, so the bond is secure. The use of a scalp protector is essential to help preserve the bond.

Attaching your hair system

This is the final step for the hair replacement procedure. There are different ways of attaching your hair replacement system or hair toupee, a) with tape, b) with liquid adhesive or glue, c) a combination of both glue and tape. The method that would be most suitable for you would be decided according to your skin type and activity levels, whether your are an athlete or your scalp is more oily than others.

We are here to help you if there’s any kind of assistance you need. Feel free to watsapp or call us on +91 9222666111. Our executives will be more than happy to help you.

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