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Is Your Hair Replacement System Free From Corona Virus

The hair care industry has started to feel the effects of the coronavirus.
  People are afraid of wearing their new hair replacement systems as they aren’t sure if the hair unit is safe for them to use.  This is clearly a case of having lack of knowledge about how the disease is spread.

What you need to know

The CDC experts (Centers for Disease Control) have shared that the virus struggles to survive on surfaces and is spread mostly by respiratory droplets. This means that it’s very safe for one to begin using a non- surgical hair replacement system, no matter which country the hair unit has come from. Products that are packaged and shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures have no risk of carrying the virus. However, one must ensure their hair replacement company is taking additional measures for hygiene and safety to rule out even a 0.1% chance.

In this article we share with you some precautionary measures that a hair replacement company must take to ensure the safety of all it’s clients during the coronavirus.

  1. Use of sterile solution: Make sure your hair replacement system has been dipped in sterile solution before it is attached to your scalp. This ensures that even a 0.1 % chance of the product carrying a virus is ruled out. Check with your hair replacement expert to be certain they are taking such precautionary measures.
  2. Sterilization and disinfection: Make sure all equipment is sterilized before and after your hair replacement service. This eliminates all harmful microorganisms and must be a ‘standard protocol’ a hair replacement company follows as precaution.
  3. Use of masks: Make sure your hair replacement technician is wearing a mask during your hair service and has sanitized his/ her hands before and after the service. This cuts the chance of a disease being passed on.
  4. Disinfecting chairs and doors: Check with your hair replacement expert if they regularly disinfect the chairs, since the chair is the one single piece of equipment that is going to be used by every single customer.
  5. Availability of sanitizers: Ensure your hair replacement company, provides sanitizers at their reception for all clients to use as they enter. Use of sanitizers decreases infectious agents on the hands as the alcohol in the sanitizer works immediately to kill bacteria and most viruses.
  6. Sanitization of washrooms: Make sure your hair system company regularly washes and sanitizes their washrooms. Dirty restrooms harbor bacteria and viruses and spread germs among people. Hence, effective and efficient cleaning of washrooms is critical to maintain a clean and healthy space.

These were some of the measure you need to ensure your hair replacement provider is taking. If you require any further assistance regarding non-surgical hair replacement during times of the coronavirus, do call or WhatsApp on +91 9222666111or email at

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