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Is Non- Surgical Hair Replacement Meant For you?

is non surgical meant for you

Wearing a hair replacement system is a big decision as there are many things one needs to consider. Every individual’s situation is unique, which is why it can be confusing to figure out if a custom hair replacement system is the answer to their hair loss worries.
We want you to be happy with your decision to wear a hair system, so we want to give you information that is genuine and honest so that you are fully prepared. The following is a guideline to help you decide if you should invest in a hair system.

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A hair system is for you if
A hair system is not for you if

A hair system is for you if:

Your hair loss is permanent

If you know for sure that you have permanent hair loss, due to medical reasons, genetics, or alopecia, human hair replacement might be the ideal solution for you.  In some cases, wearing a hair system might increase hair loss, so one needs to know for sure that their hair won’t be growing back.

You have the time and a budget to invest

One needs to be aware that if you choose to go for a bonded hair system, which is stuck by tape or glue, the area on the top of your head needs to be shaved off.  After which, it may not be possible to grow your hair back.  Your budget must include the cost of the hair system as well as the cost of the monthly maintenance (which is affordable).  In addition, you need to have the time to be able to complete the maintenance procedures every month.

You are patient and have the willingness to learn

Once you have invested in a hair system/ hair toupee, the first few months will require some trial and error.  Since the hair system is new, you need to be extremely patient and willing to experiment during the process.  Our hair experts are always available to answer your doubts or queries but you also need to be willing to learn and understand the procedure in order to be self-sufficient.  

You are adaptable to change

Over a period of time, your coverage area may change or expand.  This means that your hairpiece will require changes.  The changes could also be in the base material, as it wears off, or you want to add some gray strands as you age so it looks more natural.  In such cases, a flexible and adjusting attitude makes the process easy and stress-free.

A hair system is not for you if:

Your hair loss is temporary

If you are experiencing hair loss which is due to some medication use, or chemotherapy, it means that with time your hair will grow back.  The hair loss is not permanent.  Wearing a hair system can stunt the growth of your natural hair.  Hence, it is recommended that in case of temporary hair loss, you need not go for a hair replacement system.  Instead, you could invest in a human hair wig that covers the baldness.  

You are not ready to shave your head

You are required to shave the area below the hair system, to provide a smooth surface to stick it with glue or tape.  If you don’t shave your head, your natural hair can push the hair system up, which can lead to an ill fit and some amount of discomfort. Shaving your head is a big step and you may be unsure if you are ready to commit and that’s ok.  We suggest, if you have a decent amount of hair, you could begin by wearing a clip-on hair system.  This way you get some time to be sure if you are ready to transition into bonding.

You have normal hair growth

If you have a decent amount of growing hair, but you think you want to use a hair system only because your hair is fine or thin, we suggest you don’t.  Wearing a hair system means you will need to shave your head, and frequent shaving may stunt hair growth.  

You have a skin ailment

If you have extremely sensitive skin or any skin condition such as psoriasis, a hair system can cause inflammation due to glue and further aggravate the skin condition.  In such cases, we highly recommend you don’t use a hair system.  

You don’t have enough time and you lack patience

When you just start wearing a hair system, it will take you a few months to adjust to the process.  If you are unable to devote enough time to your hair or you don’t have the budget for the hair system, the maintenance, or the hair products, the entire process could get stressful for you.  

Please consider all the points mentioned above before proceeding.  We’re here to help you whenever you need us and hope to make the process as easy and simple for you as possible so that you are happy with your decision.  

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