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Reasons For Hair Shedding In Non- Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Reasons For Hair Shedding In Non- Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Hair shedding is very normal in non-surgical hair replacement systems with time. If it’s happening when the hair system is relatively new, it could be because of some loose hair that wasn’t combed out before it was shipped. However, if there’s a large amount of hair shedding, way past the first week or the first wash, it could be due to other reasons.

Avoiding specific practices to prevent hair shedding

If the hair shedding in your hair system is way more than what is normally expected, be sure to avoid the following practices:

  1. Soaking the base with conditioner.
  2. Not applying any conditioner.
  3. Combing dry hair with any brush.
  4. Removing the tangles by combing them from the root.
  5. Using harsh products that contain excess alcohol.
  6. Pulling the hair up tightly.

Where is the hair shedding from?

If you can see the kink from the area where the hair was knotted, the hair shedding is happening from the point of attachment. This could be due to applying excessive conditioner on the base or faulty manufacturing.

If you can see the hair shaft, and the knot intact, the hair could have come off from the edge of the lace base. This usually happens when the base is tearing.

Is the hair breaking?

If the hair that’s fallen is in broken pieces or short, it could be breaking due to under-conditioning. Breakage could also occur due to over-bleached hair. When this occurs, inform your hair replacement consultant immediately to look into the matter.

Bald spots

If your hair replacement system develops bald spots in the same place each, it could be due to lifestyle or styling issues like some listed below:

Bald spots can occur repeatedly in the same as they could be the side your sleep on.
If you always place a comb or brush at the same point to begin combing, it’s possible that hair may start shedding from that point.
If you keep scratching at a particular spot, a bald spot could develop.

Ruling out any error from your end would help figure out if the hair shedding is happening due to your mistake or if it’s a manufacturing defect. Only then does it make sense to contact your hair replacement technician once you are absolutely sure.

Adding new hair to your hair system

A hair replacement system looks and feels best during the first two months as the hair in the system is processed hair. Hence adding hair to a system that’s older doesn’t make sense. As when new hair is added to an old system, the hair system would have a mix of new hair plus old hair, which cannot bring back life into the hair system. Hence adding new hair only makes sense during the first month. Beyond two months, it’s better to get a new hair replacement system!

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