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Caring For Your Hair System in the Summer

hair replacement tips in summer

As the temperature rises during the summer, most people have questions about how to manage their hair replacement systems during everyday activities. It can be a bit scary as one obviously wants to protect his hair system once he’s made the investment.

In this article, we share with your some basic hair care tips to keep your hair system looking good always and some instructions to protect your hair during the heat

Hair care during hot weather

A hot and humid climate can affect your hair replacement system as well as the strength of the bond. The other things one needs to consider is salt- water damage incase you swim, UV rays, odor, and diminished hold time. Below we share with you some preventive measures and solutions for the same.

Damage due to Chlorine

To prevent damage to your human hair systems caused by chlorine in swimming pools, wet your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner before entering the pool. This prevents the absorption of salt, chlorine, or chemicals. Once you finish swimming, make sure to shampoo and condition your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Protection from UV rays

The sun’s UV rays can lighten the hair color or your hair system, or you may notice the hair color looks reddish. This is called oxidation. It’s advisable to use products that provide UV protection before heading out in the sun, and reapplying the product during the day. The other option is to cover the hair with a bandana or wear a cap.


Hotter climates cause more sweat and oil to be produced by the body due to which you may experience some odor under your nonsurgical hair replacement system. We suggest, you remove, clean and reattach your hair system more often than usual by either visiting your service center more often or doing it on your own at home. Or you could try experimenting with different scalp protectors or antiperspirants. Check with your hair replacement expert to suggest some. It’s better you take these preventive measures since it’s easier to prevent the odor rather than fix it.

Early lifting or bond weakening

During the summer, the hair system bond weakens sooner due to the rise in temperature. Ask your hair replacement expert to use a stronger tape or liquid glue adhesive, which will provide stronger hold during a warm climate. If you do experience hair system lifting along the hairline, no matter what you do, you could keep a liquid adhesive handy to touch up the bond. In case of an emergency, keep all products for cleaning and reattachment handy or if possible visit your service center for servicing of the hair system.

We hope these tips are helpful for you. Incase you need further assistance, regarding non-surgical hair replacement systems does call/ WhatsApp +91 9222666111.

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